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Frequently Asked Questions

What's my Langara ID?
Your Langara ID is the number that you are given when you first become a Langara student or employee and stays with you forever.
This number may also be known as your login ID.
If you don't know what your Langara ID is, contact the Registrar's Office at 604.323.5241

How do I get my T2202A tax receipt?
The easiest way to check your T2202A tax receipt is to login directly to Web Registration. You can do that by clicking here.

What's my password/PIN?
myLangara calls it a password. Web Registration calls it a PIN.
Your myLangara password and your Web Registration PIN are the same.
Login to myLangara using the same information you have used to login to Web Registration in the past.
New students are given their birth date as their password/PIN in YYMMDD order. Employees are given a password/PIN by the Human Resources Department.
For both students and employees, you have only one password/PIN to remember.

What if I forgot my password?
If you've set your password/PIN recovery question, you can reset your password/PIN yourself. Click here.

There are two ways to have your password reset by the College:
- Call the Registrar's Office help line at 604.323.5241 They will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity before resetting your password.
- Go to ICS helpdesk(A103) in person and show your student card.
Either way, your password/PIN will be reset to your birthdate in YYMMDD format. For example if you were born Jan 29, 1970, your password/PIN would be 700129.

How do I change my password
You change your myLangara password from within Web Registration.
- From the myLangara Home tab, click on Web Registration/Banner.
- Click on Change Login Profile.
- Click on Change Login PIN
Proceed with the dialog to change your PIN/myLangara password.

I'm a former student. Am I a member of myLangara?
Only recent students have been made automatic members of myLangara. However, any former student can join.
From the myLangara login page, click on How to I get a Langara ID and password link for more information and to find out how to instantly become a member of myLangara.

I've just applied to Langara College. Am I member of myLangara?
You become a member of myLangara once your application and application fee have been processed by the College.
You will receive information regarding myLangara once you are admitted.

I want to check my LET scores. How do I do that?
The best way to check your LET scores is to login directly to Web Registration. You can do that by clicking here.

I'm a Continuing Studies student. Am I in myLangara?
Probably not. Currenty only a small number of Continuing Studies students are members of myLangara.
CMA Fast Track students login to myLangara to access their WebCT course.
All other Continuing Studies students should login directly to Web Registration.
If you are a Continuing Studies student looking for your T2202A tax receipt, login directly to Web Registration.

I still need help. What do I do?
Call the Registrar's Office at 604.323.5241